Stepping around in circles, this sequencer chirps like a swarm of crazy birds. The simplicity of the one-bit chiptune-sound and the quick and intuitive modulation of the sequence make this synthesizer to a very entertaining and funky instrument. Thanks to an attached stripe you can even play it standing.


The main feature of this synthesizer is an eight step sequenzer, orderd in a circle. Every step can be switched on or off and it’s pitch can be controlled individually. While an LED shows which step is playing, a square-wave oscillator creates the sound. You can set the length of the tones or modulate the sequence with two separate oscillators. To play in time together with other electronical instruments, there is a sync input, which can receive a square-wave clock signal.


  • one-bit square-wave oscillator
  • 8 step sequencer
  • Pitch control per step
  • On/Off switch per step
  • two oscillators for sequence modulation
  • sequence freeze button
  • continuously global decay control
  • integrated loudspeaker and battery
  • special case with attached stripe