Always on the edge to the more aggressive side of techno, the SchranzMachine creates a vast variety of rhythmic patterns. Never really predictable, its modular interface provokes extreme changes in the texture of the sound. Even the inventor isn’t totally aware of what is going on under the hood of this little alchemical rhythm-generator.


Its heart is composed of severel CMOS chips. They provide the whole sound generation and the rhythmic cycle. The instrument , still in its prototype version, is packed in a lunchbox. A new casing will be designed in the near future.


  • modular based rhythm composition with 4 knobs, 4 croco clips for 7 input screws
  • modular based sound shift with 2 croco clips for the 7 input screws
  • tempo knob
  • volume knob
  • mute button
  • reset button
  • 1/4 jack sound out
  • 1/4 jack sync in
  • 1/4 jack sync out