The electromechanical element “The Trigger” consists of a little hammer and some control electronics. It is made to produce an acoustic sound by hammering on different objects. Depending on the surface you let “The Trigger” hammer on, it allows you to create an enormous range of different sounds. Connected and controlled by the computer, the Trigger enables you to integrate and combine acoustic sounds with your digital performance or installation.
There is a software program written in Max/MSP to operate the moving part. That gives you the possibility to either program patterns and play them automatically, like a step sequencer, or to play the triggers live with a midi controller.


The great thing about The Trigger is, that it can be fully built by yourself. Even the electromagnet to move the gib, can be built out of the coil of a sewing machine. The power to drive the magnet provides a 12V battery. A simple transistor circuit connected to the computer via an Arduino microcontroller lets you operate the Trigger.


  • electromechanical hammer
  • velocity control
  • 12V powered
  • exchangeable top part (e.g.: wood top, aluminum top) to produce different sounds
  • easy mount with a neodym magnet
  • control electronics based on Arduino Mega microcontroller
  • powerful control software written in Max/MSP